What is Biohacking?

Full disclosure: I did not coin this term! If you’ve already taken your own deep dive into optimal health and lifestyle research, you’ve probably heard it before. If you have absolutely no idea what this bizarre term means, allow the English teacher in me to break it down…


Greek root word meaning “pertaining to life


this one is more difficult…

  • According to Webster’s dictionary, “to hack” is defined as “to cut, notch, slice, chop, or sever (something) with or as with heavy, irregular blows (often followed by up or down).” Considering this definition, “biohacking” could mean something terrifying!
  • “To hack” is also defined as “to circumvent security and break into (a network, computer, file, etc.), usually with malicious intent.” Though not as scary as the first, this definition is still not what we’re talking about.
  • Let’s combine both of the above to figure out what I mean by “hacking” in the “bio” sense. When you biohack, you figuratively (there’s the English teacher again!) do both of the above: sever your dependence on normal or average ways of life in order to break into–and optimize!–your health and lifestyle choices. In other words, imagine that your body/lifestyle is a computer. As a biohacker (without malicious intent, I hope!), you will hack into it using food, exercise, vitamins, etc., to control everything from mood swings to fatigue to wrinkles…and more!

Bottom line: As a biohacker, you refuse to settle for “normal” or “average” health and lifestyle habits and instead seek “optimization.”

From now on, if your MD tells you your blood results are “normal,” you will likely respond, “Okay, but I want them to be optimal…I no longer settle for ‘normal’!”

(Second bottom line: You will surely begin to annoy many MDs…)