My Favorite Health & Wellness Podcasts

Ever wonder where I get my biohacking inspiration? The answer is podcasts, books, and articles…but mostly podcasts! Ever since I began my biohacking journey a couple years ago, I have been (obsessively!) listening to a number of different health & wellness podcasts to learn as much as I can about optimal nutrition, skincare, exercise habits, and more! Since I’m a New York City dweller, I spend a good portion of my days walking and subway-ing, so I have a lot of prime podcast time on my hands! Read on to find out my favorites, as well as some honorable mentions.

My Favorite Health & Wellness Podcasts


The mindbodygreen Podcast

By Jason Wachob, mindbodygreen founder & CEO and author of Wellth

Why I like it: Jason Wachob covers a breadth of topics from meditation to diet to exercise, and he has access to the top researchers, authors, and experts in each field. He also asks the best questions. Whenever I listen, I’ll have a question in mind and it’ll be the very next one he asks! I have learned so much from this show and it’s always my first choice.


The Healthy Moms Podcast

By Katie Wells (The Wellness Mama), award-winning blogger, author, podcaster, real food crusader, and author of The Wellness Mama Cookbook

Why I like it: Don’t be fooled by the title; this podcast is not just for moms! Katie Wells, better known as “The Wellness Mama” from her popular blog, interviews experts in every health & wellness field in a charming and approachable manner. She’s always prudent to mention research that backs up her guests’ arguments, and it’s obvious that she does extensive preparation before each episode.

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JJ Virgin Lifestyle Show

By JJ Virgin, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Health Fitness Specialist, Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert, and author of multiple bestsellers like The Virgin Diet

Why I like it: Like Jason and Katie, JJ Virgin also interviews health & wellness luminaries, but she does so in quick ~30 minute episodes that are perfect to listen to on short walks or during brief car rides. Also, at the end of every episode, she provides a link to some special “treat” provided by each guest, usually in the form of a promo code or free PDF.


The Spa Dr Podcast

By Trevor Cates, naturopathic doctor and author of Clean Skin from Within

Why I like it: Dr. Trevor Cates’ focus is…you guessed it: skin health! She interviews many of the same skilled professionals as others do on their podcasts, but she generally focuses her questions on healthy skin rather than just overall health. It’s a nice and unique spin!


Bulletproof Radio

By Dave Asprey, founder & CEO of Bulletproof and author of the New York Times bestseller The Bulletproof Diet

Why I like it: Dave Asprey, the king of biohacking, provides a scientific, brilliant, and well-researched spin to all topics. He pushes interviewees to provide the “whys” behind each biohack, which can sometimes be filled with jargon that’s above my head but it’s always super informative and interesting. This podcast pushes me to think and learn more.

Honorable mentions…


The Genius Life

By Max Lugavere, filmmaker, health and science journalist, and author of the New York Times bestseller Genius Foods: Become Smarter, Happier, and More Productive While Protecting Your Brain for Life

Why I like it: I just discovered this podcast, and I’m so glad I did! Recently, I purchased Max’s book Genius Foods for my parents and planned to read it when they were finished. However, my mom is so captivated by the book that she won’t let it out of her sight! I gladly bought my own copy and downloaded all of Max’s podcasts to date; I plan to listen to each one ASAP because he is truly at the forefront of medical research as it relates to brain–and overall!–health. I’m certain this podcast will soon move into my list of all-time favorites.

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Natural MD Radio

By Aviva Romm, Yale MD, midwife, and author of multiple books including The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution: A Proven 4-Week Program to Rescue Your Metabolism, Hormones, Mind & Mood

Why I like it: Looking for a “girl power” podcast by one of the most brilliant women alive? Then, you’ve found it! After listening to all of her episodes, Aviva Romm is like a celebrity to me. If I saw her walking the streets of New York, I’d freeze! She was formally trained in Western medicine at Yale (see what I mean by “brilliant”?), but she’s also a huge proponent of Eastern medicine and marries her knowledge of both in this most informative podcast. Sometimes she interviews other doctors and professionals, but often she just waxes poetic about issues that affect women like hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, auto-immune disease, and more. Ladies–check her out!


The Paleo Solution Podcast

By Robb Wolf, former research biochemist and author of the two New York Times bestsellers The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet and Wired to Eat: Turn Off Cravings, Rewire Your Appetite for Weight Loss, and Determine the Foods That Work for You

Why I like it: Like Dave Asprey, Robb Wolf is a king in his own right. He was–and still is!–at the forefront of the paleo movement. Also like Dave, Robb is a genius and pushes me to think beyond my normal scope. Since he was previously a research biochemist, he asks his guests the most unique and complex questions. He’s also self-deprecating and good-humored, which is refreshing from someone so well-respected and knowledgable.

Final thought: Podcast-listening pro tip!

To listen to as many podcasts as humanly possible, I set the speed to 1.5x in my podcast app. Yes, the quicker speaking pace can take some getting used to, but once you’re acclimated it’s life-changing! Now, if I readjust the speed to the normal pace, it seems way too slow and dragged out. Give it a try!

Creating this list was painstaking for me because I love so many podcasts beyond the ones listed above. (As previously mentioned, health & wellness podcasts are my jam!) If you are interested in more recommendations, feel free to email me or ask in the comments!

In each blog post, I aim to bring you food for thought (pun intended. Note: my day job is teaching English), but don’t take my word for it! Click on and read all of the links above to become your own expert on this topic; knowledge is power. The more you know and understand the “why” behind each biohack, the easier it will be to stick to it and realize you can’t live without it!



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